Label your image and video data at scale

A powerful annotation tool that helps teams rapidly and accurately label image and video data for ML applications.

Pixel-perfect labels

Create pixel-perfect polygons or simple boxes annotations in a few clicks and add attribute-level labels to further classify objects using LayerNext’s attribute labeling tool.

  • Easily annotate Video and Image data at scale
  • Annotate for CV tasks including object detection, classification and tracking
  • Provide a wide range of tools such as polygons, bounding boxes and lines

Model Assisted labeling

Maximize your labeling productivity while maintaining high quality standards by leveraging model-assisted labeling and advanced pre-labeling techniques. Focus your resources on review and labeling edge cases.

  • Auto-labeling with LayerNext pre-trained models
  • Bring your own model and easily integrate for auto labeling
  • Keep humans in the loop to review and verify auto labeling

Customizable Workflows

Create custom workflows based on your labeling needs and optimize the speed and efficiency of your labeling operation. Add additional reviewing layers to increase label quality.

  • Configurable workflows for the annotation task lifecycle
  • Flexible and automated task management options
  • Role-based configurable access control

Status Dashboards

Always know the status, progress and throughput of your labeling operation. Seamlessly manage a large scale annotation workforce while maintaining and tracking labeling quality.

  • Track performance of your labeling workforce in real time
  • Predict project completion date, delays and risk using stats
  • Easily track each individual annotators performance and quality

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Control how you assign work to any sized labeling team and visualize the speed & quality of your labeling operation.

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