Manage training datasets with version control

A powerful Dataset Management tool to keep track of your dataset versions, data provenance and lineage.

Datasets & Versioning

Manage your labeled training datasets with version control to avoid duplication and integrity issues. Find and fill data gaps in your dataset by comparing performance of training experiments.

  • Track dataset evolution over time with versions and change logs
  • Auto generate annotation formats depending on your model choice
  • Visualize label and metadata composition of your dataset

Data Provenance & Lineage

Capture data provenance and lineage to ensure the quality, integrity, and reliability of your data. Track how data is transformed, integrated, or aggregated as it moves through various stages of the system.

  • Track data creation, modifications, and movements throughout its lifecycle
  • Troubleshoot and debug data-related issues
  • Verify the authenticity of your data and comply with regulatory requirements

Built-In Augmentation

Increase your dataset size by creating slightly modified copies of your data with LayerNext’s augmentation tool. Remove model overfitting and biases towards specific conditions in your datasets.

  • Increase model robustness using image level augmentation
  • Supported augmentation types: Rotation, Crop, Noise, Brightness and many more
  • Generates unique augmented data without any duplicates

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Troubleshoot and debug data-related issues and link the composition of your datasets to model performance.

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