One unified infrastructure for all Computer Vision data

An image showing the structure of the LayerNext Ai data platform.An image showing the structure of the LayerNext Ai data platform.

LayerNext connects to all your cloud and local storage providers, organizes the data inside, and makes datasets and annotations available to every training endpoint.

An image showing some idea about image categorization.


Cross the data gap with confidence

Large image and video datasets can be difficult to work with, especially as they grow in size and accumulate with age.

LayerNext uses the latest data science and visualization techniques to provide both high level visibility into your data and tools to pinpoint data quality issues and representation gaps.


Growing from solid ground

The success of a Computer Vision project is deeply intertwined with  the continual maintenance of the dataset, whether it’s collecting, correcting, or re-annotating data.

Get your data annotated quickly and reliably with LayerNext, or work with our user friendly tools to empower your own team to produce labels continuously as you make improvements to your model.

An image showing some tools used for annotating.
An image showing the accuracy of annotating an object.


Make improvements, in production, all the time

Converge quicker to optimal performance and leverage production input to improve performance over time.

LayerNext can use data and results from training and production environments to benchmark the performance of your machine learning models over time and discover improvement opportunities that can further elevate them.

Private by intent.

Private by intent

Run our software inside your infrastructure so you are never at risk of data leaving your security and privacy boundaries.

Secure by design.

Secure by design

Control access to your data so that you are compliant with GDPR, licensing, and other regulatory requirements.

Let us be helpful

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