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Monitor your Computer Vision Performance

Use production ML results to increase efficiency, coverage and business outcomes for your Computer Vision models.

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An image with an annotated object and its precision, recall, and f1 score values.

Datasets differ from the real world

Good Results.

You spent hundreds of hours collecting data, annotating them, and training models to achieve good results

Computer vision.

Real-world scenarios are challenging for Computer Vision models. The production environment can be unpredictable

performance monitoring

Replay is a new monitoring system that tracks ML predictions. Our system samples input to your models, annotate and compare them, and provide actionable feedback to your team.

An image showing the accuracy of annotating an object.

Full-scale coverage

Deploy Replay at each and every endpoint to ensure that your model is able to handle the full spectrum of environments and events your users throw at it.

Sophisticated analytics

All incoming predictions and bounding boxes will be manually reviewed and compared against desired outcomes. Replay will identify errors and provided up to date statistics for every model deployed.

An image with annotated objects showing the IoU values.

Continuous Deployment for CV

Maintain your model’s performance edge and increase business results by automatically updating your datasets with changes and curated additions from Replay.

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Replay is currently under active development.

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