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Our Mission

Advancing Machine Learning in Computer Vision through better tools and processes

Our story

LayerNext was founded by Buddhika, Kelum and Chong Han in 2022.

We met while working together in a startup building computer vision projects for hospitals. As part of the work, we spent a lot of our day to day working with large video files and hundreds and thousands of images. It quickly became apparent to us that the process was neither efficient nor easy; we developed spreadsheets, scripts, and a lot of patience waiting for tasks to complete.

The results, however, were impressive. When properly trained and deployed, we saw the effects of a good computer vision AI model to help people achieve better performance by removing the more mundane parts of their jobs. This is not just the results of algorithms developed by data scientists, but also a lot of work by people collecting, annotating, and working with data so that these algorithms can achieve their intended goals.

We founded LayerX to make this process easier so that engineers and scientists can more easily integrate and use Computer Vision into their projects. More so than ever, Computer Vision and AI models are getting integrated – from connected cameras to self-driving cars – into our daily lives. We want to do our part to push forward this technology that may seem magical from the outset and make it accessible and easily usable.

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