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LayerNext was founded by a team of AI enthusiasts and software engineering experts. Our mission is to provide easy-to-use tools that harness the power of data and AI to produce the best business outcomes for businesses of all sizes. We aim to simplify the creation of AI applications to accelerate their progress and adoption.

We believe in the extraordinary power and potential of AI, a transformative technology that augments and extends the scope of human perception into the digital realm. We envision a future where AI agents and assistants manage the majority of repetitive and mundane tasks, thereby liberating humans to tackle more complex and creative challenges.

To make that into a reality, data, AI models and application tools must come together hand on hand. At LayerNext, we are building and stitching together the best technologies to prudence the next generation AI platform.

Trusted by renowned companies around the world

Trusted by renowned companies around the world

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