Actionable Business Insights at your fingertips

Get to radical understanding of your business with Forecasts, Insights, and the ability to answer any data question – without writing any code.

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Increase Business Outcomes with AI

Get Answers

Connect all of your data sources and ask any question from your data. No need to wait weeks to get answers from accounting, marketing and sales.

Automate Tasks

Free up your workforce from boring routine task like data entry. Let AI Agents to handle those and use human for more complex tasks.

Generate Insights

Understand the status of your business in real-time with AI generated insights. Take informed decisions to produce best business outcomes.

How it Works

1. Connect Data Sources

Integrate SQL/Document databases, Cloud buckets, CRM or any APIs.

2. Connect Your Tools

Integrate tools you favorite tools Gmail, Outlook, Slack, MS Teams.
An animation which represents the agent creation.

3. Build Agents

Create AI Agents for any repetitive task using plain English, with no coding required.
An animation which shows the chat view.

4. Ask Questions

Chat with your data to get answers or generate insights or reports.

Best Generative AI Models with state of the art RAG

Behind the scenes, LayerNext uses the best Large Language Models (LLMs) and Retrieval Automated Generation (RAG) to produce accurate answers for questions and solve complex tasks.

Why LayerNext ?

LayerNext supercharges your business productivity with AI on your Data. Easily customize LayerNext to align with your unique business workflow and seamlessly integrate with any other tools you use.

An icon representing the feature of ''Flexibility''

Flexible by design

Easily customize LayerNext to align with your unique workflow and seamlessly integrate with any other AI tools.

An icon representing the feature of ''Security''

Secure by default

Run LayerNext inside your infrastructure so you are never at risk of data leaving your security and privacy boundaries.

An icon representing the feature of ''Accessibility''

Control your Data

Control access to your data so that you are compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, licensing, and other regulatory requirements.

Ready to use AI in your organization?

The wait for reports from sales, marketing, or accounting that used to take weeks is over. Simply ask any question in plain English and create the reports on your own.

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